7 Benefits of CaverStem® Procedure For ED

Safe Procedure for Erectile Dysfunction

Are You Looking for a Safe Erectile Dysfunction Treatment? CaverStem® Is a Safe Procedure Performed by a Licensed Physician Near You. For More Information Call Us Today or Visit Us at Your Local Doctor’s Office.

Safe Procedure for Erectile Dysfunction

Typically, when men reach the age of 40, it is increasingly common that they have Erectile Dysfunction. While medication is available, they are not always effective in every case, and in some cases, the side effects make them not a viable option. There are some surgical procedures available, but even those carry some risk. Recently, there has been a breakthrough in the treatment of ED. CaverStem® is a safe procedure available to treat Erectile Dysfunction. As men get even older, they are even more likely to suffer from ED, and it is often associated with high blood pressure, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease. Visit with a doctor today for a one on one consultation to see if this new procedure is right for you!

Why should I choose the CaverStem® Method for treating Erectile Dysfunction over other methods?

CaverStem® is a safe procedure to treat Erectile Dysfunction that, unlike medications, is a permanent solution to achieve a healthy erection. CaverStem® uses a patient’s bone marrow to stimulate a body’s natural healing processes. This method eliminates the chances of rejection and side effects. We harvest stem cells from your bone marrow to create an injection to stimulate healing. You may not know this, but your bone marrow is your body’s secret vault for stem cells. This powerful healing factor is concentrated into an injection and applied directly to your penis. We have seen this procedure restore a natural erection in countless patients. If you’ve had less than desirable results with medications in the past or have suffered side effects from them, CaverStem® is your go-to solution for erectile dysfunction.

You may be asking why stem cells are a crucial part of the CaverStem® procedure. Medical studies have proven that stem cells promote the growth of healthy tissue and help repair tissue that has been damaged. As we use these healing factors harvested from your own body, the chances of rejection have been eliminated. CaverStem® is a safe procedure and solution for Erectile Dysfunction in men.

How does the CaverStem® procedure work?

You will need to have a one on one consultation with one of the doctors to determine if this procedure is right for you. The doctor will want a review of your medical history and past treatment attempts to make their decision. Once approved, an appointment will be set up for you. Your visit will begin with a 15-minute procedure to harvest stem cells from your bone marrow under local anesthesia. The stem cells will then be processed into a concentrated injection that will be applied to your penis. Once injected, the stem cells will promote the regeneration of blood vessels and stimulate the muscles in your penis. Most CaverStem® procedures take about an hours, and there is no downtime or recovery period. Most people continue their day after their appointment!

What are the benefits of the CaverStem® Procedure For ED?

The CaverStem® procedure uses FDA approved equipment and is 100% natural. No drugs are used to restore a healthy erection, and instead, the method promotes the body’s healing process to do the healing itself. Performed by a licensed doctor, there are no side effects associated with this permanent solution to erectile dysfunction.

Where can I go for the CaverStem® Procedure?

There are doctors available today in Orlando, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Phoenix, and New Mexico to perform the CaverStem® procedure. As more doctors become available, they will be listed on our locations page. Visit that page to learn more about the physicians currently available, their contact information, and hours of operation.

If you are looking for a safe procedure to treat Erectile Dysfunction, CaverStem® is for you! Call one of our physicians today and set up an appointment with a highly experienced provider!