7 Benefits of CaverStem® Procedure For ED

Erectile Dysfunction Doctor in San Francisco, CA

If you are looking for a quality erectile dysfunction doctor in San Francisco CA, look no further than Caverstem®. Call (650) 670-3433 to book an appointment.

Erectile Dysfunction Doctor in San Francisco, CA

Dr. Victor Liu is American-trained and fully qualified to treat patients for erectile dysfunction (ED). If you are one of the many men out there who have been coping with ED, then Dr. Liu would be happy to discuss your options with you. So many American men just haven’t been able to find a treatment for ED that works for them, and this is why CaverStem® is becoming a popular alternative. Dr. Liu is proud to be able to offer this option to you at his clinic.

What is the CaverStem® treatment for ED?

Many patients have given up on other treatments for ED and are looking for alternatives. CaverStem® might just work for you. This form of treatment uses your stem cells and stem-cell therapy to treat ED.

The process is relatively simple. Using local anesthetic, stem cells are extracted from bone marrow, and then concentrated into a solution. Then, the solution is injected into the patient. The stem cells serve a very special purpose: to stimulate muscle and promote the generation of blood vessels and healthy tissue. The entire process, from beginning to end, takes an hour. And then that’s it, and you’re all done. There are no long-term side effects, so downtime is minimal.

Dr. Liu will sit down with you to discuss your options and set your mind at ease about the process. It’s quite simple and quite effective. It’s also a very safe procedure, distinguishing it from the many invasive procedures out there.

What are the benefits of CaverStem® treatment?

CaverStem® is 100% natural. It’s also minimally invasive, with only two injections. For many men suffering from ED, invasive surgery just isn’t an option. Those patients often come to CaverStem instead.

CaverStem® is an excellent alternative to the common drug-based or surgical options out there, with few side effects. And because the treatment is natural, it simply helps the body treat itself. This is the power of stem cell techniques. Hundreds of men in the US will tell you that CaverStem® worked for them when other treatments didn’t.

Who is the erectile dysfunction doctor in San Francisco, CA?

Dr. Victor Liu has been treating patients in the San Francisco, CA area for a long while now, and is well-known in the San Francisco Bay Area. He is board-certified in both general and plastic surgery and is a plastic surgeon as well as a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons. Additionally, Dr. Liu is the founder of the San Francisco Bay Area Stem Cell Treatment Center where patients worldwide go for treatment. Dr. Liu receives patients from all over the United States, Asia, and Europe. He would be happy to make you his next patient.

How can I make an appointment?

Dr. Liu is the resident erectile dysfunction doctor in San Francisco, CA for CaverStem and CaverStem® treatments. We would be happy to see you here at CaverStem. We are conveniently located at 1720 El Camino Real #200 Burlingame, CA 94010. To book an appointment with Dr. Liu, please contact booking at (650) 670-3433.

Dr. Liu has helped many men with erectile dysfunction get back to a healthy sex life. To learn more about the procedure and what Dr. Liu can do for you, get in touch with us. We look forward to speaking with and helping you!