7 Benefits of CaverStem® Procedure For ED

ED Treatment Near Me in Tarzana, CA

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ED Treatment Near Me in Tarzana, CA

Have you been living with erectile dysfunction (ED)? If you’re from the Tarzana CA area, then reach out to Dr. Arash R. Hassid, DPM. He can tell you all about the modern ED treatment options, including the latest one, CaverStem®. This treatment is completely natural, and it often fixes ED for good. For ED treatment in Tarzana CA, get in touch with our resident professional, Dr. Hassid. He would be happy to tell you all about CaverStem®, but here are some of the most important details on this amazing new procedure.

What is CaverStem® treatment for ED?

CaverStem® is a treatment for ED that uses your body’s stem cells therapeutically. This treatment is often considered a form of therapy because it uses your body to heal itself. Stem cells are extracted from the patient and then injected into the target area. These stem cells work wonders and revitalize the muscle, tissue, and blood vessels in the area. This is the amazing power of stem cells: to help the body heal itself without drugs, invasive surgery, or any other form of outer assistance.

The treatment is 100% natural, minimally invasive, and with little to no side effects. These are some of the biggest reasons that patients choose CaverStem® over other treatments. These other treatments can leave patients with scarring, long periods of downtime, or long-term side effects.

Many CaverStem® patients have previously tried these other treatments to no avail. Sometimes the treatments will work for the short term, and other times they won’t work at all. CaverStem® works differently, though. It’s about naturally boosting the body’s capability to treat itself. It can also be a lasting, permanent solution to the problem.

How does the CaverStem® method for treating ED work?

Your bone marrow is one of the most important areas of your body because it houses stem cells. Stem cells could be considered specialized emergency responders of the body because they are dispatched during particular emergencies. They can help heal injuries and revitalize tissue. When these stem cells are extracted from the body and injected into a target area, they can function similarly.

Many scientific studies indicate that stem cells have great potential. The CaverStem® method of treatment uses this potential to help the body treat ED.

Does CaverStem® really work?

CaverStem® can help many patients. To determine whether the treatment could work for you, come to Dr. Hassid for a consultation. Dr. Hassid will ask you about your health and medical history, and if you’re approved for treatment, then he will schedule the procedure with you.

The CaverStem® treatment can offer a permanent solution to ED. Because stem cells are a natural component within your body, there is no chance of rejection. Also, there is very little downtime associated with the procedure.

This doesn’t mean CaverStem® will work for every patient, but the likelihood could be high. If you’re healthy, then that can help make the treatment more effective. For this non-invasive ED treatment in Tarzana CA, book a consultation with our ED team.

Where can I go for ED treatment near me in Tarzana, CA?

Dr. Hassid will happily answer all of your questions about ED treatments and the CaverStem® treatment. To schedule a consultation, contact the Tarzana Outpatient Surgical Institute at (818) 273-6471. The institute is conveniently located at 5620 Wilbur Ave Suite 305 Tarzana, CA 91356.

Dr. Hassid looks forward to speaking with you and helping you get back to a normal, healthy life!