7 Benefits of CaverStem® Procedure For ED

ED Treatment Near Me in Phoenix, AZ

Dr. Peter Niemczyk Offers Erectile Dysfunction Treatments Near You in Phoenix, AZ. For More Information Call (480) 462-7077. We are conveniently located at 9250 N 3rd Street, Suite 2007 Phoenix, AZ 85020.

Are you living with erectile dysfunction in the Phoenix, AZ area? If other treatments for ED have failed to produce the results you want, come to Dr. Peter Niemczyk’s clinic today for CaverStem®. This 100% natural, nonsurgical solution to erectile dysfunction is available at his clinic! Once men reach the age of 40, nearly 40% experience ED. This percentage increases if men also have diabetes, cardiovascular issues, and high blood pressure.

CaverStem® is the nonsurgical, non-drug based solution to ED that has helped hundreds of men with ED across the United States. Avoid the downtime associated with surgery and the side effects with erectile dysfunction medications and schedule an appointment today!

Why should I choose the CaverStem® method For Treating Erectile Dysfunction over other methods?

At Dr. Peter Niemczyk’s clinic, he uses your bone marrow to treat your ED! Bone marrow is your body’s secret vault of potent stem cells. During the CaverStem® procedure, they are harvested and concentrated into a powerful injection. Then, based on the doctor’s evaluation, these stem cells are injected into a patient’s penis. Treatments have proven to restore healthy erections in men. If previous treatment methods have failed to treat your erectile dysfunction, then CaverStem® may be right for you!

Can you treat erectile dysfunction with Stem Cells? Can Stem Cell Therapy cure erectile dysfunction?

Scientific studies have shown that stem cells have fantastic healing properties. They are being studied and used to treat not only ED but many other conditions. By injecting stem cells into a treatment area, we will promote the repair of old damaged tissue and the growth of new tissue. Dr. Niemczyk increases the success of the treatment by concentrating your stem cells into an injection. CaverStem® has been shown not only to be safe and effective when treating erectile dysfunction but also can serve as a permanent solution.

How does the CaverStem® procedure work? Does Stem Cell Treatments really work to treat ED?

You will first need a one on one consultation in Dr. Niemcyzk’s office in Phoenix, AZ to see if CaverStem® is right for you. During this consultation, you will review your medical history and past ED treatment attempts. If approved, you’ll make a follow-up appointment for the procedure. At that appointment, you will first have some of your bone marrow extracted while under local anesthetic. The extraction should only take about 15 minutes to complete. Stem cells will then be harvested from your bone marrow and concentrated into an injection. Then, based on recommendations from your consultation, the concentrated stem cells will be injected into treatment areas on your penis. These stem cells will then go to work stimulating muscles and promoting the regeneration of blood vessels. All in all, you should expect to spend about an hour at the clinic.

What are the benefits of the CaverStem® Procedure For ED?

Unlike drug treatments, CaverStem® uses your body to heal itself using stem cells. It is 100% natural and is a permanent solution to ED. There are no side effects or downtime associated with this procedure. At Dr. Niemczyk’s Phoniex area office, he uses only FDA approved equipment for this hour-long treatment session.

What is the average cost of stem cell therapy for ED?

It will cost between $4,000 and $5,000 for a CaverStem® treatment session. Financing is also available. Please call us for details!

Where can I go for the CaverStem® Procedure in the Phoenix, AZ area?

Located inside the John C. Lincoln medical center, Dr. Peter Niemczyk’s office is located at 9250 N 3rd St #2007, Phoenix, AZ 85020. He is available Monday through Friday from 8 am to 5 pm. Do you have additional questions about CaverStem® or would you like to make an appointment? Call today at (480) 462-7077 and speak with his friendly staff!