7 Benefits of CaverStem® Procedure For ED

ED Treatment Near Me in Central Florida

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Are you living in the central Florida area with erectile dysfunction? CaverStem® is the new, noninvasive ED treatment solution to your condition and it is available today near you! It is a permanent solution to ED, a condition that affects up to 40% of men once they reach the age of 40. Your chances of ED increase if you also have diabetes, high blood pressure, or cardiovascular issues. CaverStem® is a 100% natural solution to erectile dysfunction.

There are plenty of medication based treatments out there for ED, but they only offer a temporary solution that can come with possible side effects. When you receive a CaverStem® treatment, there is no need to go to the pharmacy for prescription refills. Hundreds of men in the United States have been helped by this procedure, and there are doctors available today in Central Florida to help you!

Why should I choose the CaverStem® method For Treating Erectile Dysfunction over other methods?

Don’t undergo risky surgery or get onto a schedule of daily medications to treat your ED. With CaverStem®, we treat you using your own healing factor: Stem Cells. Many people are unaware of their own repository of stem cells in their body. Your bone marrow serves as a vault for this powerful healing factor. When you come in for a treatment, we will harvest those stem cells, process them into a injection, and apply it to the treatment area. This 100% natural method has restored healthy erections in many patients and can be a successful solution if previous treatment methods have not worked.

Can you treat erectile dysfunction with Stem Cells? Can Stem Cell Therapy cure erectile dysfunction?

Stem cells have been proven to have powerful healing properties and can be used to treat many conditions, including erectile dysfunction. Studies have shown these cells will promote the growth of new tissue as well as repair older, damaged tissue. We increase the chances of a successful CaverStem® treatment by concentrating your stem cells into a powerful injection. It is safe, effective, and does not have the side affects you would find in other popular ED treatment medications.

How does the CaverStem® procedure work? Does Stem Cell Treatments really work to treat ED?

You will need to visit a doctor in Central Florida for a one on one consultation to see if CaverStem® is right for you. A board-certified doctor will review your medical history and asses your ED for treatment. Once approved, you’ll be scheduled for another appointment. Here, we will extract some bone marrow under local anesthetic in a 15-minute procedure. With that bone marrow, we will harvest your stem cells and process them into an injection. Then, based on the evaluation from the doctor, that injection will be applied to areas of the penis to be treated. The stem cells will then begin to stimulate the growth and regeneration of blood cells and other muscles in the area. All in all, the entire procedure should take about an hour.

What are the benefits of the CaverStem® Procedure For ED?

CaverStem® is 100% natural and has no side effects. There is no downtime associated with his non-drug solution to ED. Most people can go about their day after a treatment session. All doctors use FDA approved equipment when using your body’s natural healing factors to treat your ED.

What is the average cost of stem cell therapy for ED?

On average, the cost for a CaverStem® treatment is between $4,000 and $5,000. Financing is available.

Do you have additional questions about CaverStem®? Call one of our doctors in Central Florida today for more details!