7 Benefits of CaverStem® Procedure For ED

ED Doctor in San Francisco, CA

If you are looking for an ED doctor in San Francisco, CA for stem cell therapy, call (650) 670-3433 for more information.

ED Doctor in San Francisco, CA

Meet Dr. Victor Liu, the resident erectile dysfunction (ED) doctor at CaverStem in San Francisco. He has been treating patients throughout the area for many years and is fully qualified to discuss your options with you. If you have been dealing with ED for a while now, then you might be one of the many American men out there who have tried treatments to no avail. This is why Dr. Liu will suggest the CaverStem® treatment for ED. Dr. Liu will happily speak with you about this treatment option and any others that could work for you.

Who is Dr. Victor Liu?

Dr. Liu is well-known in the San Francisco Bay Area. He is a board-certified practitioner in both general and plastic surgery and is also a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons. Dr Liu is the founder of the San Francisco Bay Area Stem Cell Treatment Center which treat patients from all over the world, including the United States, Asia, and Europe.

The doctor treats every single one of his patients individually, offering personalized advice and options for the best possible results. He specializes in surgical options as well as the innovative, noninvasive CaverStem® option for treating ED. For this treatment and other ED treatments, Dr. Liu should be your ED doctor in San Francisco, CA.

What do I need to know about the CaverStem® treatment for ED?

Dr. Liu will happily answer all your questions in a consultation, but there are some common questions we get about CaverStem® that we’re happy to answer for you now.

CaverStem® uses your stem cells and stem-cell therapy to treat ED. We start by applying local anesthetic. Then, we extract stems cells from your bone marrow and put them into a solution. This solution is injected into the target area, and then the stem cells get to work. They stimulate muscles and develop blood vessels. Tissue is regenerated and eventually, the condition is healed.

The treatment process is about an hour long. Patients don’t suffer any long-term side effects, so downtime is very minimal. The treatment is also very safe, especially when compared to many invasive surgical procedures.

Why is the CaverStem® treatment better than alternative treatments?

We take pride in being able to tell you that CaverStem® is 100% natural. The treatment simply helps the body treat itself. This is why stem cell treatments have become so popular. Hundreds of men throughout the US have benefited greatly from treatment.

CaverStem® is also minimally invasive, unlike most surgical procedures out there. The procedure includes only two injections. There is virtually no downtime either.

What is the first step toward treatment?

The first step is to simply contact CaverStem for a consultation with our ED Doctor in San Francisco, CA! You’ll be speaking with Dr. Liu, the resident doctor. CaverStem is located at 1720 El Camino Real #200 Burlingame, CA 94010. To book a consultation with Dr. Liu, you can contact booking at (650) 670-3433. We’d be happy to speak with you and book you an appointment.

Dr. Liu has helped many men like you get back into a healthy sex life. We welcome you to get in touch with us for a consultation or to learn more about what Dr. Liu can do for you.

We hope to speak with you soon!