7 Benefits of CaverStem® Procedure For ED

ED Doctor in Phoenix, AZ

Our CaverStem® ED doctor in Phoenix, AZ is highly skilled in administering effective stem-cell therapy treatments. Call (480) 462-7077 to book your appointment today.

ED Doctor in Phoenix, AZ

If you’ve been suffering from erectile dysfunction (ED) like millions of others around the world, then come see a professional at CaverStem. We would be happy to discuss your options for ED treatment, including an exciting new option: CaverStem® stem-cell therapy. This treatment has become more popular recently, and hundreds of Americans have seen great results. Our board-certified ED doctor will help you determine whether CaverStem® is right for you.

Who is the ED Doctor in Phoenix, AZ?

We’d like to introduce you to Dr. Peter Niemczyk MD, the resident ED doctor with CaverStem in Phoenix. He is a voiding dysfunction and pelvic reconstructive urologist who is fully capable of helping you. He has two certifications from both the American Board of Urology and the American Board of Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine. He is happy to be able to provide effective stem-cell therapy treatments for patients throughout Phoenix and the AZ area.

Is erectile dysfunction common?

Yes, ED is very common, and not just in the US. It isn’t exclusive to older men, either. Many younger men suffer from ED at a point in their lives, and some statistics suggest that number is almost 40%. Older men tend to suffer from it more often.

ED is common and treatable, and the CaverStem® treatment has been very successful for many people. Many of our patients at CaverStem have tried other treatments to no avail, so they’re looking for another option. Many of our other customers simply wouldn’t consider surgical or drug-based procedures, so they came to CaverStem to see Dr. Niemczyk.

Who are the best candidates for CaverStem® treatment?

If you count yourself among those patients who have tried other treatments or just won’t consider certain procedures, then CaverStem® treatment could be the perfect option. In fact, many patients consider CaverStem® superior to other treatment options out there and won’t consider them at all.

Many common surgical and drug-based treatments just don’t work for some patients. And many of them have unpleasant side effects. CaverStem® doesn’t have long-term side effects, and it’s minimally invasive, which means there are two injections involved, only. There is no scarring.

Generally, patients must be healthy for CaverStem® treatment. Dr. Niemczyk will look at your health and medical history to determine whether you are the right candidate for treatment.

Is CaverStem® natural?

Yes, CaverStem® treatment is natural. The treatment is considered a form of therapy because it stimulates the body’s natural functioning and healing. Stem cells are used in this form of treatment. They regenerate blood vessels, repair tissue, and strengthen muscle to help the body treat itself. One of the biggest reasons CaverStem® has become so popular is that it really is 100% natural.

The procedure is done in around an hour. There are very few short-term side effects, and no long-term ones. You’ll be able to get back to your normal life in very little time. Dr. Niemczyk will address any questions and concerns you have about the treatment and help you decide whether CaverStem® is the best choice for you. Regardless, the doctor wants to help you get back to your regular life.

How do I make an appointment?

We welcome you to contact us at CaverStem to book a consultation with Dr. Niemczyk, our resident ED doctor in Phoenix, AZ. Call (480) 462-7077 for booking. During your consultation, the doctor will go over possible treatment options and explain the CaverStem® procedure fully. We look forward to hearing from you!